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Private Classes

"Having sustained a serious back injury in the spring, I was humbled by the limitations of my physical body and reminded of how much I took for granted ... stairs, opening  doors, carrying a shopping bag, even sitting. After several weeks in and out of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities (during which I used a wheel chair and a walker to ambulate), when I was finally home, I turned to Jennifer for a series of private lessons.

I had taken Jennifer's classes for several years, and knew that she is a dedicated and diligent Alignment yoga teacher. Jennifer really listened to me -my sadness, my eagerness to be better - and took time to construct routines that were safe and yet stretched me, gently challenged me, and rebuilt my sense of competence and comfort in space.

In her studio I found a prop for just about anything ... ropes to create traction and more space in my spine, short blocks and tall blocks, light sand bags and heavy sand bags, supports for my heels, belts, blankets, bolsters, chairs, tennis balls, golf balls. With her props Jennifer engineered precise individualized positions that helped me slide into more traditional and beloved asanas. 

Last but not least, Jennifer has a loving , spiritual but not fussy,  can-do attitude that encourages growth and makes you smile. She is generous to a fault, and if she does not know an answer she will walk to the end of earth to find it. 

Four weeks since I started, I feel stronger and gained both strength and flexibility. I am still not 'allowed' twisting and forward bends (two of my favorite things) but take pride in my newly found downward facing dog. Taking long walks on the beach and working with Jennifer are the best and most wonderful substitute for conventional physical therapy." -

A private yoga session is a client centered, customized, high level private service.
Who benefits from private yoga sessions? The answer is anyone. Text Jennifer to book 631 721.7638.

Here are some examples of how Jennifer addresses her clients’ needs:

Sessions providing tools for anxiety; including breathing techniques, enhancing mindfulness, reduce feelings of panic and nervousness.

New Moms:
Sessions that create better sleep, time for self-care, feeling nurtured, getting 'back to her body,' feeling desirable again.

Sessions that address more energy, better flexibility to strength ratio, restorative practices, appropriate cross-training to avoid injury.

Perimenopausal/Menopausal Women:
Sessions to address balance of  energy,  tired of feeling tired, harmonize feminine energy, and expand inner and outer resources.

Post Surgery/Injuries:
Sessions addressing pain and discomfort, rebuilding strength and confidence, overcoming fear of re-injury, and learning contraindicated postures.